If you wish to cancel the order or return the goods, please notify us in writing within 14 days from the date you received the goods. This is done via email. You have another 14 days to return the goods. We will refund your money, preferably using the same payment method you used when placing your order (or, if payment has not yet been paid for the goods, make sure the return is reflected in your account balance), whichever is sooner. possible. The refund will be refunded to you within 14 days from the date you informed us that you wish to return the goods, provided that we have received the goods or proof that you have returned the goods intact. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred for the return or exchange of goods, as well as for any decrease in value due to handling the products more than necessary to determine the character and shape of the product.


For all returns, the consumer is responsible for the item by Cosetta Giorgetti, unless otherwise indicated, including the transport costs. If your order has been delivered incorrectly or is not what you ordered, we will refund the costs.


If you are charged for the goods, you will receive a refund covering standard shipping and express shipping, non-standard shipping is non-refundable. If you wish to keep some products from your order and only partially return your order, Cosetta Giorgetti standard shipping.

Cosetta Giorgetti guarantees the refund or replacement of the goods if you prefer, in compliance with the rights of return. The full value is refundable provided that the products are returned in the same condition in which they were sent to you. This means that the goods must not have been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn and that any labels and tags are intact. If the item is in a modified form, an assessment of the reduction in value will be made. The impairment will not be refunded.

If you have received a defective product, you must notify Cosetta Giorgetti and return the item in accordance with the information above. Cosetta Giorgetti will provide for the full refund of these goods. The rules contained herein do not limit existing legal rights. As for a service that has already started, the return can only be made for those services that have not yet been performed.


If you believe that a product is defective, contact Cosetta Giorgetti for a refund. In order for Cosetta Giorgetti to evaluate the item in question, the entire product must be returned together with a detailed description of the problem and how the product was used. If the entire product/order is not returned to us, we cannot perform a complete assessment of the problems with the item and we can base any refund decision on the part we have received.

In case of defective/problematic product. Cosetta Giorgetti will pay the return shipping costs, provided a receipt (or copy of a receipt) is provided. Any refund request must be made within a reasonable time after receipt of the product.


Cosetta Giorgetti declines any responsibility for the use and disposal of the product towards the buyer. The buyer is solely responsible for the use of the product and must check Cosetta Giorgetti for any allergies or irregularities. Cosetta Giorgetti always recommends using the products in the manner indicated in the information on the products on the site. The only information that appears on Cosetta Giorgetti’s official website.