During 30 years of successful work in the fashion world, I have had the honor to work with great artists in the search of many different forms of beauty but the grace that I have seen to endure and improve over time is the beauty that radiates from the soul to the body.

The skin is the mirror of our temple and I based the study of my products on this magical combination to offer every woman a holistic love ritual. Taking care of yourself is the first necessary step to honor your being. The skin is the contact surface of the soul with the outside world and deserves to be honored on a daily basis, so I wanted to use only natural products (certified organic ecocert) grown by hand.

Each ingredient of my potions is grown on an organic Ligurian farm located 500 meters above sea level, collected by hand, and distilled immediately after the harvest. The purity of the ingredients is meticulously preserved by banning any chemical perfumes (only essential oils are used), petroleum derivatives, and silicones.
Each stage of processing is treated with scrupulous attention from the selection of the glass container to inhibit oxidation to the practical display to preserve the product from any form of contact with the outside. The package is a bag created by reusing waste fabrics from the fashion supply chain. The packaging is the result of a meticulous work of recovery and reuse, the scraps of fabrics from the fashion supply chain, which would have been pulped, have been redesigned and assembled by the Alice cooperative in Milan, which manages a network of tailoring workshops in prisons. Mother Nature pays no price for offering us her gifts of beauty. Love for nature and for the beauty of every woman is the alchemical element that guides my line of organic skincare. There are 7 steps that make up this ritual, at each step a product helps us to recall different aspects of our well-being.

Rose and Lavender are the protagonists of my beauty project.

PH. Rosi Di Stefano