April 20, 2017

The sensory deprivation, typical of winter season, the lack of nature’ scents, the absence of light, all together increase the desire of unusual fragrances, pungent, revitalizing or on the other hand enveloping, reassuring and balsamic. Here some of our proposals:

Lalique’ INSOUMIS, is a refined and sophisticated perfume, its bottle is stylized  by a fern, hinting to the Famous tourbillons vase form 1926. Lavender, sage, basil, bergamot, rum, patchouli and vetiver recount and reinterpret the basic fougère accord.

Carbon’s One of Those, it’s a whipping “Wake me up” mix of cardamom, ginger, black pepper, sandalwood and resin signed from Madame Francoise Caron.

The Oud is the foundation of each creations by Fragrance Du Bois, an extract of the Aquilaria tree in Thailand. In the heart of every Oud scents made by the heirs of the Grasse tradition from the seventeenth century, its vigorous connotation dissolves in order to get different expressions, from sweet,  to fresh, or spicy, floral or woody, every time declined in enigmatic olfactory poems.

Lastly, Zara Home presents an ambitious project “the perfume collection” signed by two International noses: Alberto Morillias and Jerome Epilette. The line is an invitation to discover six different universes. Solid olfactory notes, unisex inspirations, each of them bring back a memory carved in our subconscious, an instinctive longing for home… wherever it is!

Text by Cosetta Giorgetti


Photo Ura Taralov

Photo Assistant Maria Olenina 

Models Rustam Taralov , Tatyana Kupa, Nadia Ivkova, Vladislava Enina, Taya Anisimo

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